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Drum-in-Hat Parking Brake Kit


For a complete brake job, including the parking brake hardware, IBI has the coverage for over 169 million vehicles on the road today. Heat and corrosion do damage on your brake system. Don’t forget to replace all the critical brake hardware components. The kit includes return springs, hold down parts, adjusting screws and adjusting springs.

The Drum-in-Hat Parking Brake is a complete mechanical system that bypasses the hydraulic braking system to stop the car in an emergency or keep it in place when parked. DIH park brake applications are available for passenger car and light-to heavy-duty trucks.

Concerns with Drum-In-Hat Brake Systems

Lack of use may cause the parking brake to seize, so it is recommended you inspect this system with every disc pad replacement job for the following issues.

  • Does not dissipate heat as well as disc brakes 

  • Adjusting cables can wear down, losing their ability to perform

  • Springs can stretch, lose tension and lose the ability to completely retract the shoes from the drums 

  • Springs are weakened by heat causing shoes to vibrate, causes scoring of drums or brake lock-up 

  • Drum hardware spring tension can be reduced by 30% within 1-2 years

Benefits of Replacing the Hardware
  • Maximize braking performance 

  • Minimize brake drag to improve gas mileage 

  • Prevent premature brake wear 

  • Restore brakes to like new performance

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