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Disc Brake Hardware

When a vehicle is ready for its first brake job, IBI’s professional installation kits with exclusive QuietGlide®
Technology make the job easy.

Easy to Install

IBI’s Disc Brake ProKits and Disc Pad Installation Kits are all you need to replace the OEM parts easily and efficiently when it’s time for a vehicle’s first brake job. And because of the exclusive QuietGlide® Technology, the brakes will be significantly quieter.

Disc Brake ProKit

Installing QuietGlide® Technology greatly diminishes noise in the disc brakes. Because of the vulcanized rubber coating, the abutment clips reduce the transfer of vibrations and noise from the pads to the caliper bracket.

Disc Pad Installation Kits

Designed for the vehicle’s first brake job, the kit comes with our exclusive QuietGlide® Technology,
the critical anti-rattle clip to reduce friction and noise.

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