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Copper Nickel Brake Tubing

Don’t settle for less when you can use the best: IBI’s copper nickel brake tubing and fittings for automotive,
farm, and industrial vehicles.

Bendable and Dependable

IBI’s copper nickel brake tubing provides unparalleled flexibility for any repair as well as the strength and durability needed for the life of the vehicle. Available in two sizes, the tubing is easy to manipulate with tight tolerances and easy to install. Plus, it won’t rust and has the highest burst strength on the market.

  • Easy to bend and manipulate with tight tolerances 

  • Does not rust 

  • Highest burst strength 

  • Greater wall thickness than the leading competitors

Excellence Comes Standard

IBI brake lines come standard with PVF Technology poly-vinyl fluoride coating. This provides up to 30 times more rust and corrosion protection over standard steel lines. And it meets SAE J527B specifications.

In addition to copper nickel tubing, IBI also offers zinc coated steel tubing and PVF coated tubing.


Expert Recommended

In this video Chris Reynolds reviews IBI brake line products (referring to our private label brand, Carlson), from material options (steel vs copper-nickel), rust-resistant PVF coating, and the SAE and ASTM standards.

See a complete list of IBI’s brake line solutions


Lines, Adapters & Fittings: 


  • Assembled Lines 

  • Coiled Tubing 

  • Adapter Lines 

  • Adapter Fittings 

  • Tube Nuts 

  • Unions 

  • Misc. Fittings 

  • Banjo Bolts 

  • Bleeder Screws 

  • Formed Cross-over Tubes

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