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Guidepins and bolt

Caliper Guide Bolts and Pin Kits

Studies show that up to 20% of customer’s brake problems are caused by sticky calipers. That’s because worn and seized guide pins cause UNEVEN PAD WEAR. Remember to replace pin boots and caliper guide pins to complete the brake job, and eliminate customer come-backs.

The Most Complete Coverage

27+ SKUs covering more than 438 million axles (Front and Rear)

Fit Matters

IBI guide pins are produced using OE equivalent or better materials, which are heat treated, to help prevent wear in the system during braking. We ensure the pins adhere to OE tolerances so the brake system functions properly. If everything does not line up perfectly, there could be drag in the system.


IBI guide pins (where applicable) have precisely machined grooves for mating rubber bushings. Improperly machined pins will result in the rubber bushings not fitting correctly, thus allowing noise and vibration.

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